Emilie Autumn – What If

Here you sit in your high back chair,
I Wonder how the veiw is from there,
I wouldn’t know because I like to sit,
Upon the floor, Yeah upon the flood,

If you like we could play a game,
Lets pretend that it’s all the same,
But you will have to look much closer,
Than you do, closer than you do,

And i’m far to tired to stay here anymore,
And I don’t care what you think anyway,
Because you think you were wrong about me,
What if you were, yeah what if you were,

And what if i’m a snowstorm burning,
What if i’m a world unturning,
What if i’m an ocean, far to shallow, much to deep,
What if i’m the kindest demon,
Something you may not believe in,
What if i’m a siren singing gentlemen to sleep,

I know you’ve got it figured out,
Tell me what I am all about,
I just might learn a thing or two,
Hundred about you maybe about you,

I’m the end of your telescope,
I don’t change just to suit your vision,
Because I am bound by a fraying rope,
Around my hands, tied around my hands,

And you close your eyes when I say i’m breaking free,
And put your hands over both your ears,
Because you cannot stand to believe i’m not,
The prefect girl you thought,
But what have I got to lose,

What if i’m a weeping willow,
Laughing tears upon my pillow,
What if i’m a socilite who wants to be alone,
What if i’m a toothless leopard,

What if i’m a sheepless shepard,
What if i’m an angel without wings to take me home,

You don’t know me, Never will never will,
I’m outside your picture frame and the glass is breaking down,
You can’t see me, never will never will,
If your never gunna see,

What if i’m a crowded desert,
Too much pain with little pleasure,
What if i’m the nicest place you never want to go,
What if I don’t know who I am,

What will keep us both from trying,
To find out and when you have,
Be sure to let me know,

What if I’m a snowstorm burning
What if I’m a world unturning
What if I’m an ocean, far too shallow, much too deep
What if I’m the kindest demon

Something you may not believe in
What if I’m a siren singing gentlemen to sleep



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